My responsibility as your Mayor is to


  • take care that the laws be enforced without respect of race, nor economic status;
  • ensure that fiscal responsibility is maintained in the administration of the revenues and expenses of Flint;
  • direct in the best manner the success of individual industry and enterprise, and to the public prosperity; and
  • manage Flint’s resources and property and labor of its citizens.

I am the candidate to make sure that Flint’s

government is governed by the people and for the people, as well as,  for the outcast and by the outcast; and a government which works hand and hand with the men, women, and children of the City of Flint to

  • hold the line against hunger, against ignorance and unawareness, and against those forces which produce poverty;
  • overcome the evils which excluded us from greater mental achievements and prosperity;
  • grow a higher level of homogeneity between the mental and material level of the men women, and children of Flint;
  • attract and support business where the interest of the profit does not come at the expense of the men and women of Flint nor requires its workers to work themselves to death that they may become richer;
  • put at the disposal of small profit and non-profit business, along with community groups the City’s intellectual and technical capital;
  • promote meaningful small business and small business development;
  • guard against repeating the mistakes which led to the our man made water crisis; and
  • guard against repeating the mistakes which led former industries gained enormous profits without the City growing in modernization and new industrial growth sectors.

The health of our communities depend not just on clean water but on a healthy mindset whereby

  • wealth is gained from the fruits of labor not from organized and protected robbery;
  • work is not simply the output of energy, nor the functioning of certain muscles, but also accomplished more by using our brains and heart than with only our muscles and sweat;
  • our children are fully conscious, whether he or she play sports or not;
  • our children are engaged in job development and planning;
  • sound leadership comes from our City Council;
  • town meeting have authentic participation and conducted for the advancement of the men, women, and children of Flint and business; and
  • every man, woman, and child of the City of Flint come to the overstanding that they too have a piece of the puzzle which fits to complete Flint being better for everyone.

Flint is an underdeveloped city, on the come up,

which will have a new water infrastructure system. In Flint,

we have both qualified workers and those who have

willingness to work and ability to learn.

Flint contains still people that were engaged in production,

invention, building, and labor. We are a city not  totally

sufficient of material or intellectual resources such as

engineers and technicians.

My campaign is geared to get the message out that 

now is the time to come to our City before the price of

residential and commercial prices sky rockets once our

new water infrastructure system is completed.  My

platform is lowering the cost of living in the City while

improving our quality of life.